“In January, I’ll be working from work.”

UnitedCity had been established to provide an independent research backed campaign group to safely reopen the Greater Manchester economy and help it get back on its feet.

Work from work is our campaign to get our teams back into our offices in January. Lockdown and the tier systems have seen our colleagues and employees isolated at home, often working in less-than-ideal conditions. This can have a huge impact on mental health, mentorship, and career progression.

Utilising independent research and robust resources, guides, and consultation, UnitedCity will assist businesses in achieving a COVID-secure return to the office from January 2021. Our hope is that we can see businesses operating at 50-60% capacity by Monday 18 January. For the good of our city, we urge you to take the pledge to ‘Work from Work’
on January 18.

Our teams need a return to some semblance of the working and office culture they left behind. It’s time to bring our people back.

UnitedCity will be offering free “Work from Work” consultations, to advise on actions and procedures that companies can put in to place to return to the office in a safe, covid secure way.